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How To Become A Teacher

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Training to be a teacher is challenging but there are a number of benefits to a teaching career. You'll use your knowledge and skills to inspire and educate the next generation and the variety of your job means that you'll gain plenty of transferrable skills in return.

We’re happy you’re interested in becoming an instructor. At eStudyit, you can teach what you know, or teach what you love, and hundred of students are waiting, eager to learn.
Treat all learners equitably and with the highest degree of respect. Protect the confidentiality of course participants by preserving their anonymity when discussing courses or programs with anyone outside of the class. Ensure that participants respect the confidentiality of others by asking them to agree to avoid naming names both inside and outside of the classroom. Intervene when participants do not honor these confidentiality standards by reminding them of the guidelines. Conform to university and federal intellectual property regulations by appropriately attributing quoted material and graphics. Commitment Honor commitments to teaching the classes on the dates and times scheduled. Ensure that clients receive the accurate, timely, and correct information.

Create an open and welcoming environment in which individuals feel comfortable expressing their ideas. Practice group facilitation skills that demonstrate an understanding of the needs and sensibilities of a diverse workforce such that learners typically report feeling free to share openly. Communicate information and ideas clearly and understandably such that learners usually report satisfaction with the instructor’s communication skills. Provide activities that reinforce learning the subject matter, engage the learner, and promote a positive learning experience.
Set up the classroom before the scheduled class time and greet learners as they arrive. Make arrangements to test the changes to hardware or software used in a course prior to the day of the session whenever possible. Provide the standard evaluation form to learners for each program offered, collect them at the end of the class, and return completed forms and sign-in sheets to the Staff Education & Development Program Office at the end of each section or within one working day of the end of a class. Return the classroom to its standard setup when a class is over; turn off projection equipment and computers.

Coordinate with the Staff Education & Development office prior to marketing classes to targeted groups to ensure consistency of course information and to avoid duplication of contacts.